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Men’s Orientation Now Starts At 3:30 PM

We wanted to post a quick reminder that Men’s Orientation now starts every Monday at 3:30 pm. That is a new time, so please make sure you make note of it. We have five spots available for men to join our Ministry at Orientation on Monday. You can learn more about Men’s Orientation at, and visit our Men’s Residential Ministry page to learn all about how our FREE 13-month Ministry can help if you’re a man struggling with addiction. If you’re looking for help for a woman, our Women’s Ministry is set to open in just a few weeks, […]

Welcoming New Men To The Ministry

The ancient philosopher Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This week, five men took that first step by coming to our Monday orientation and joining our Men’s Ministry. The photo at the top of this post shows them coming together as a group for the first time and praying before board the bus to Phase One outside Veritas Community Church. Below, you can see them arriving at Phase One, and being greeted by the brothers who are ahead of them in the Ministry. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a […]

New Time For Men’s Orientation

Are you a man who’s ready to start living free from addiction? Attend one of our Men’s Orientation sessions. They’re held every Monday at 3:30 pm ET at Veritas Community Church – West. NOTE: That is a new time.  The address is 12 S. Terrace Ave., Columbus, OH. You can learn more about what happens there and what you should bring with you by going to our Men’s Orientation page. Want more information about our Men’s Ministry, what you’ll be doing there, and where it is? Check out our Men’s Residential Ministry page. Still not sure if The Refuge can […]

Women’s Ministry Will Launch In March

We are so excited to announce that our Women’s Ministry is now ready to open its doors! We will hold our first Women’s Orientation on Monday, March 12 at 9:00 am. It will happen at Veritas Community Church – West, at 12 S. Terrace Ave., Columbus, OH. You can learn more by going to our Women’s Ministry Orientation page. Find out about what the women in our ministry will be doing by visiting our Refuge Women’s Residential Ministry page. And if you want to meet the women who helped make this dream a reality, check out this video.

Help Us Spread The Word!

This is a very exciting time for all of us at The Refuge. Our Women’s Ministry is about to open its doors. New brothers are entering our Men’s Ministry every week, and others are phasing up and moving away from addiction and toward a new life as Men of God. We’re about to open the doors of our second Project 614 home, and are already hard at work on the third. There is so much to be grateful for, and so much good news to share. If you know of someone who might be interested in joining our Ministry, or […]

Phase Up!

It’s big night at Phase One in Vinton County where five men are phasing up to Phase Two of our ministry. Dustin Lockett, Marcus Virgin, Deon Taylor, Josh Sherrill, and Chris Jayne have all completed their first 30 days and are ready to move up to Phase Two. We are so proud of the progress and growth shown by all five of these brothers over the past month, and so grateful to God for guiding them to our ministry!  

We Have 5 Spots Available In Our Men’s Ministry

Ready to leave addiction behind and start living every day with true joy? We have room for five men to join our Ministry. There is no cost, and no insurance is needed. If you want to make a real and lasting change in your life, please attend our Men’s Orientation on Monday morning at 10:00 am. It’s held at Veritas Community Church-West at 12 S. Terrace Ave., Columbus, OH. For more information about our Ministry, what you can expect at Orientation, and what you should bring with you, please check our Men’s Ministry page. Also, just a quick reminder that […]

Announcing Our Next Project 614 Open House

We are thrilled to announce that our second Project 614 home is almost ready for move-in. The main photo on this post is looking out the front window of the house when we first got inside it last year. You’ll be amazed at what it looks like now. We are holding an Open House on Wednesday, February 28 to show off the amazing work done to transform it into a new home for men who are in or have recently graduated from our Ministry. You can get more information on the Events section of our Facebook page. We hope to […]

Columbus Hilltop Veritas Community Service

Snow Day In Columbus!

A winter storm dumped about four inches of snow on Columbus Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Schools and offices closed all over Central Ohio. While many people were curled up inside, staying warm, some of our guys were out helping their neighborhood. These men from Phases 2 and 3 in Columbus went out to help shovel snow in the Hilltop neighborhood. Our ministry is about more than just recovery. It’s also about service – serving God and also our fellow man. These guys are a great example of that mission.