Set Up For Success

Addiction takes a brutal toll on people and families in every way imaginable. Broken relationships, trust issues, and financial ruin are extremely common.

By the time men and women complete our Ministry, they have undergone personal and spiritual transformations away from addiction and to Christ.
We work to restore their personal relationship and rebuild those bonds of trust. 
But we also work to make sure they're set up for success financially as well.
Everyone in The Refuge meets with volunteers and staff throughout their time here to ensure they have all the documents they need and a budget to live on.
We try to help men and women with debt set up a plan to get themselves free from it.
Perhaps most importantly from a financial perspective, they also have a work history that prepares them to support themselves and their families long-term.

Family Day!

One of the highlights of every month at The Refuge is Family Day.

The men and women who have been part of The Refuge for more than a month have the opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon with their parents, siblings, kids, and anyone else they choose to invite.

It's a special time to reconnect with loved ones and to start rebuilding the bonds of trust that addiction has broken. 

It's also a chance for those on the outside of the Ministry to see the personal and spiritual growth that has happened within the men and women during their time at The Refuge. 


Happy Father's Day!

We know that every holiday can be tough when you're separated from your kids. 

But we also know that sometimes a short-term sacrifice can pay off long-term.

These are the men in Phase One at church on Father's Day. 

They're not spending the day with their own dads, and the ones with kids of their own aren't spending the day with them, either. 

But each and every one of them is demonstrating their love for their dad and their kids by being here. 

Happy Father's Day to all the men in our Ministry who are working every day to be better sons and better dads to their kids, through the love of Jesus Christ.

"Every Woman Deserves That"

The Refuge is about more than just getting sober. It's about teaching men and women that they are children of God who have value, and who are loved.

If you're struggling with addiction and ready to change your life, please join us Monday for Orientation (Intake).

We will welcome new men and women to our Ministry, and we want you to be one of them.

Learn more about our Men's Ministry, who can join, what to bring, and what to expect at

Learn more about our Women's Ministry, who can join, what to bring, and what to expect at


Matt, Josh, Devon, James, and Wayne.

A Milestone In The Ministry

Every week we celebrate the growth and progress that men and women are making in our Ministry through "Phase Up."
It's a milestone that marks a brother or sister's transition from one step within our 13-month Ministry to the next one.
This week, five guys phased up. We are truly grateful to God for the transformation we've seen within Matt, Josh, Devon, James, and Wayne.
Matt, Josh, Devon, James, and Wayne.

Founder's Day Tom Thompson

Founder's Day

We recently celebrated Founder's Day at Phase One. It's a very special event where guys who have completed our Ministry go back to where it all started in Vinton County, along with our founder, Tom Thompson.

There, they talk to the newest men in our Ministry about their experiences, encourage them, and answer questions.

Tom Thompson Founder's Day Founder's Day Founder's Day Founder's Day Tom Thompson Founder's Day Founder's Day Founder's Day


Courage Crosses

One of the first milestones of a man's time at The Refuge is when he receives the Courage Cross after his first week.
For many guys, that first week in an unfamiliar place can be the most difficult. This recognizes the brothers who have stuck it out through that.
This week, Christopher McGee and Dan Noble received their crosses. We are grateful for the growth we have seen in both of you already.

Witnessing The Fruit Of Our Ministry

Two men from Phase One have now completed their first month in our Ministry and are moving up to Lancaster.

We are so grateful for the growth and transformation we have witnessed in Kendall and Thomas over the past few weeks.

Tyler, Tom, and Tim are now our servant leaders in Vinton County.

Kendall and Thomas Phasing Up

Tyler Tom Tim Servant Leaders Phase One


Unconditional Love

Tired of living with addiction? Ready to make a real and lasting change?

Ariel did just that. She joined our Women's Ministry in March and is one of the sisters there transforming their lives together through Christ.

You can do it, too. Join us Monday to learn how our FREE (no cost, no insurance needed) Ministry can help you leave addiction behind.


Swimming in Raccoon Creek

Our Ministry is about worship and hard work as men and women transform their lives through Christ.
But we like to have fun, too. The guys at Phase One in Vinton County spent part of the weekend swimming in Raccoon Creek.
It's a summer tradition there, and always a great time.