Table Captain Update

More than half of the seats for our 2018 Fundraising Gala are already full!

We're way ahead of last year's pace, and expect to be at capacity well before the event on October 14. 

If you are interested in being a part of this incredible night, please register soon! Once those seats are gone, we can't add any more.

Remember, you can help us change lives affected by addiction by signing up to attend the Fundraising Gala, or sponsoring a table for $200.

Want to be an event sponsor for $1,000? Email Tom Orr, Development Manager, at

This Place Has Made A Huge Difference In My Life

Nathan is about to complete The Refuge. Just 13 months ago, he was broken and addicted. Now he's clean - but more importantly, he has a job, a support network, and a healthy and loving relationship with his family once again.

Here's what he would say to any man or woman who is where he was - struggling with addiction, and not sure where to turn.

If you're ready to start living free from addiction, join us Monday to learn how our FREE ministry can help you change your life forever.

Learn more about help for a man 18+, including who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect on our Men's Ministry page.

Learn more about help for a woman 18+, including who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect on our Women's Ministry page.

Experience True Independence This Independence Day

This Independence Day, you could be on the way to being free from addiction.

Monday we will welcome 8 men and 1 woman into our FREE (no cost, no insurance necessary) 13-month residential rehab.

This is your chance to experience true freedom from addiction.

Learn more about our women's Ministry, including who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect at

Learn more about our men's Ministry, including who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect at

Orientation On Memorial Day

We will hold Orientation (intake) for both our Men's and Women's Ministries next Monday, May 28.

It is Memorial Day, so it's a great opportunity to attend our Orientations and learn what The Refuge is all about, without having to take a day off work.

Do you know someone struggling with addiction? We will welcome new women into our Ministry at 9:00 am and new men at 3:30 pm. 

Learn more about who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect at and


Only A Few Spots Left!

We are so grateful to everyone who has already signed up to be a part of our 2018 Golf Classic.

Thanks to your generosity, there are just a few spots left. We are extending the registration deadline to Wednesday, May 16 to fill every spot.

Once those spots are full, we will close signups. If you want to play, this is your chance.

Sign up today to be a part of this great event at

Help Us Spread The Word!

Help people who are struggling with addiction, but don’t know where to turn.

Print out our flyer, cut between the tear-off tabs at the bottom and hang it on community bulletin boards in your neighborhood.

You can save the image below to your computer, or download a PDF copy here.

Many grocery stores and restaurants have them - just ask before you hang it.

As always, we are truly grateful for all of the love, prayers and support that we receive every day. 


Time For A Change?

If you're struggling with addiction and have thought about joining our FREE Ministry, Monday is the day to do it.

We have 9 spots available for men, and 2 for women to join us.

Start your journey from hopelessness to a rich and fulfilling life as a cherished child of God. 

You can learn more about our Men's Ministry, whether you qualify, what to bring with you, and what to expect if you join us, at

Everything you need to know about our women's Ministry, including whether you qualify, what to bring with you, and what to expect if you join us, at

Help Share Our Message!

We are so grateful to everyone who has shared our message of hope and healing.

Now, we've made it even easier for you to help! Check out our new website. It's mobile friendly so you can keep up with us from anywhere.

We now have a special page dedicated just to making it easier to Share Our Message.

You can also download our app from the App Store today. Just search "The Refuge Ohio."

Installing Solar Panels

Some of our guys in Columbus got the chance to be a part of a very cool project this week.

They helped install solar panels on the roof of a farm house in Franklinton - right in the heart of the city.

They will help power a produce cooler and also some farm apprentice housing at Franklinton Farms, a non-profit urban farming operation dedicated to providing healthy food options to people in our neighborhood.

It's really inspiring to see different groups working together to achieve something like this.

[Photos courtesy Franklinton Farms]


An Update From Inside The Women's House

Bekah Linton and Kristy Anderson have some exciting news on the progress our Women's Ministry team has made. You can watch the video below for the full update.

We will hold our first Women's Orientation on Monday, March 12th.

If you would like to help provide items that we need to finish getting the house ready, please check our Amazon Wish List.

Thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support. They have all been a big part of making our dream of a Women's Ministry finally become a reality.

We will share some photos from inside the Women's House next week.