Pray, Serve, Give

At the same time as this page is filled with huge needs we are asking God to fill (maybe through you!), it also covers some of our favorite ways to brag on His great provision. We praise God for the many wonderful men and women who have given before you - and look forward to you joining the army!

Your prayers make an incredible difference at the Refuge. We are very aware that we as staff, coordinators, and brothers can do absolutely nothing apart from the power of Christ. Thank you for taking the time to kneel before the throne and put the greatest possible force for change on our side. We are with you in prayer and grateful for you!

Not sure how to pray? Here are a few ideas:

  • Refuge residential staff - directors, pastors and coordinators: Pray for connection with the men, wisdom to make good choices, and appropriate rest to care for themselves.
  • Refuge coordinators: Pray for continued hope, rejuvenation, and personal growth as these men spend their days with the men in the ministry. Pray they’ll lead like Jesus would.
  • For daily transformation: Praise God for new life and transformation in a thousand little ways each day for our men. Praise Him for His incredible love and the grace that gives us power to believe!
  • For employers, mentors/coaches and training: We’re always looking for ways to improve the opportunities we can offer the men. Pray that God will bring the right men around to encourage and employ our men, and that we’ll be wise with training decisions we make every day.
  • For the resources needed: Pray for the wisdom to use our resources and time well. Praise God for His constant provision for our men, and pray with us that we might continue to see His blessings for us and even be able to give those away to care for His people in greater measure!

Want to jump in even deeper to praying with the Refuge? We’d love for you to take the challenge and jump in in one of the following ways (or your own creative ideas!):

  • Scroll down through our 5 most recent posts on Facebook. What or who can you pray for in each one?
  • Consider finding a group of friends to cover one of our events and all who will attend in prayer. Orientations on Monday, our Alumni Reunion, or even our Annual Fundraising Banquet. You can take shifts or pray together!
  • Gather friends or your church to hold a prayer night focused not just on the Refuge, but the epidemic of addiction and all those affected by it! Invite your community - and us!

We wish we had a way to show the incredible effect that each of our volunteers has on so many people through the Refuge. Think about it. If you have a positive impact on just one man - that’s an impact on his brothers, his family, his church, his neighbors, his community, and hundreds more. Not only that - but we guarantee that you don’t leave unchanged either!

Needed positions open

Count neededRoleJob DescriptionReports To
0SpeakerServe the men by speaking on a certain topic for an agreed-upon time each week/month, as determined by the phase director. Additional references may be requested for this position.Phase Director
0Project-basedAs neededPhase Director
0Phase mealsServe the men by providing a home-cooked meal occasionally at a particular phase. Timing/need determined by phase directors.Phase Director
1-EncounterEvent MealsCoordinate a meal/snacks for a larger number of the men at a particular event (Orientation - 30 men & guests; Encounter - 80-100 men; etc.). Often a church group will take this on together!Event Coordinator
2CoachCommit to connecting with a small group of men every Thursday night for at least 6 months. Additional references may be requested for this position.Phase Director
3MentorCommit to walking with one man from the Refuge during Phase Four and for at least 3 months afterward, holding him accountable to develop a life plan and helping him settle in to his home community and support system after the Refuge. Additional references may be requested for this position.Phase Director
2Family SupportCommit to attending Orientation at least two Mondays a month, as well as Family Day, in an effort to meet families, walk with them and help them grow toward Christ as well. More formal process to come. Additional references may be requested for this position.Outreach Coordinator
2P614 "experts"Commit to serving our P614 Construction Manager with specific skills (plumbing, electric, painting, etc.), and to seeing one "phase" to completion at a Project 614 home. Current skills needed: painting, electric.Phase Director
3P614 workersCommit to serving alongside our P614 Construction Manager to complete a Project 614 home! Hours are flexible, if you indicate your interest in this position, we will add you to an email list to contact you with service/renovation opportunities.Phase Director
10Table CaptainsHelp make our Annual Fundraising Banquet - one of our most important nights of the year - a success! Commit to bring 7 of your friends or contacts to fill a table - or partner with someone else and bring 3 apiece.Event Coordinator
9Event HelpersCommit to serving with a particular event. Specific positions will be communicated, but may include: advance marketing, day-of coordination, set up/clean up, etc. Current events/positions needed: Refuge Hike/Run 5k (food coordinator, sponsorship coordinator, day-of positions (7)).Event Coordinator
5Community AdvocatesTurn your passion for serving your community into a volunteer position! Opportunities may include: connecting the Refuge to local churches, representing the Refuge at addiction events, giving materials to organizations or families as needed, coordinating and encouraging local Champions, etc. You can make a HUGE difference!Outreach Coordinator
5StorytellersJoin the Refuge marketing team! Choose either a specific event to cover (Celebrations, Alumni Reunion, the 5k, etc.) or a specific publication to submit to (for example: our blog, monthly newsletters, church/Champion updates from around the state, audio testimonies for Transformation Radio, etc.). Submissions could be in the form of pictures, video, audio, written submissions.Outreach Coordinator
2Administrative HelpServe by helping us knock out an administrative project or two. Hours are often flexible, end dates will be decided together. Current need/project: Refuge Network (contact other residential addiction ministries throughout the state for information and connection) 
1PrayerBuild a prayer team for the Refuge and even bigger - for the addiction epidemic across the state. Hours and position are flexible. Additional references may be requested for this position.Outreach Coordinator

Our regular, monthly givers are some of our most favorite people. It means the world to us to see your name show up, month after month, in the trenches with us. Although the men provide about 65% (or more!) of the funds needed for the ministry, we depend on generous individuals, churches, and businesses to partner with us throughout the year. And we get it - generosity isn’t easy! We are grateful to serve and sacrifice with you.

Current Giving Challenge:
Find 25 new monthly givers to commit to fight addiction with us!

Immediate Physical Needs


Linens: sheets/pillows/pillowcases/towels/washcloths

Paper towels & toilet paper

Hygiene products (alcohol free)

Coffee & sugar

Razors & deodorant


New plain T-shirts

New packs of socks & underwear

New shoes




Hand towels

Cleaning Supplies

Foam hand soap

Board Games (new or used)

Inspirational movies

Driveway Gravel

Christian Books

Gym equipment: (1) Dumbell set ranging from 5-100 lbs. (2) Weight tree for Olympic standard weights. (3) Olympian standard flat, decline & incline bench. (4) 3 40lb Olympic standard bars. (5) Leg press machine. (6) Lat pulldown machine. (7) 315 lbs. of Olympic standard weight.


Folding chairs

20 roll-away beds

Winter jackets/gloves/hats


Vans/vehicles for transportation to/from work sites

Gas cards


Residential washer

Residential dryer

Dark Curtains (10)


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