Project 614 exists to create gospel-centered communities that contribute to the wellbeing and revitalization of distressed neighborhoods in Columbus by developing and financing affordable, safe, and sustainable homes.

Our vision is to see responsible men of God owning homes in an intentional effort to spread the hope of the Gospel and foster continued support in recovery through accountability, honesty, and love.

What is our story?

WHAT are we all about?

Every year, hundreds of men step through the doors of the Refuge and start a new life. With the support of the staff, men, volunteers and mentors around them, they work hard over 13 months to rebuild their self-confidence and courage, their trust in God and in those around them, even their family relationships and employment opportunities. A persistent few will stick out to the end, committing themselves to growth, accountability, and a future as responsible men of God for the good of their families and communities - for the rest of their lives.

Meet the men we’d like to honor and equip through Project 614: a community development corporation operated by the Refuge Ministries to provide a viable opportunity for home ownership to the men of the Refuge who have successfully completed their 13-month commitment and have a passion to live out the Gospel on the West side of Columbus. We look forward to working side by side with these men in the months and years to come to build a lasting community together - to the glory of God and for the good of everyone around them.

WHERE did it all begin? With "20/20 Vision - West Side"

If you’ve been around the Refuge for the last 17 years or so, you have most likely heard of the “20/20 VIsion”: that somehow, for some reason, we were called to build community on the West side of Columbus - and hoped to see 20 men own 20 homes by the year 2020. That is still very much the case, and now God is providing the means!

Project 614 seeks to see the 20/20 fulfilled and exceeded as we “create gospel-centered communities that contribute to the wellbeing and revitalization of distressed neighborhoods in Columbus by developing and financing affordable, safe, and sustainable homes.” We now have the staff and are building and collecting the knowledge, resources and volunteers to actually be able to put into action what has felt like just a dream for so many years. We cannot wait to see God work and actually put men who were once homeless and hopeless into homeownership!

WHO is responsible?

Ben Reynolds

God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to work in finance over the last 26 years, helping people buy their first home or start a new business. I am so excited that God has now called me to do the same within the ministry with Project 614. It is going to be awesome watching God work, seeing families and entire communities transformed for Christ!

Bekah Linton

“Our God is a God of full redemption and restoration, and so many of us have been restored personally from complete hopelessness. I want to help build the end of the story for these men and their families. How wonderful would it be for us to gather a community of true believers - giving and loving as we have been loved?”

Phil Parker

“The goals is not as much about the houses - it’s about what’s going to be happening in and around the house. I want my home to be a place where God is present and I want my neighbors to feel that presence as well!”

Wes Creed

“I am every Refuge guy. When I look at them I see me. My life was transformed, and I am honored to take part in the transformation of others.”

John Sharp
Project Manager

“I am called to this, and it means a lot to me to see it in action. I want Jesus to use me to help men build a new life.”

WHY do we do what we do?

Danny Webb was the first man to come through the ministry and set his sights on a “20/20” house, although he didn’t know then that he would be the first director of the project committee that would help other men accomplish the same ends!



“...We believe an affordable place to call home helps sustain long term recovery for the men by creating stability, which launches them and their families into a positive trajectory of generational change that includes hope, improved health, and a better quality of life…”

Current projects:

We look forward to seeing each of these men and homes built up into a testimony for the faithfulness of God, just like the above!

Project #1 - 135/137 S. Princeton Ave.

applicant Owner Applicant: Philip Parker

“I came into the Refuge three and a half years ago completely broken. I literally had nothing left. Because of my lifestyle and my drinking and drug use, I couldn’t even do the simplest of tasks anymore. I didn’t care about anything or anyone and all of my problems were because of other people around me - it was my boss’s fault or my mom’s fault or my dad’s or my sister’s. If only they all tried to understand how I felt, the world would be perfect. I walked around feeling and thinking this way for years! I never knew exactly how selfish I was until I came into the Refuge, and it was quite an awakening to have my pastor and all these supposed brothers tell me the truth about what I really was. Since then, I have learned how to lean on God more and myself less. Simply put, I am nothing without Him!" 




Building permit, siding replaced
Approx. cost: $5,185


Sidewalk, Stairs, Exterior Repair

Paint, frame repair, poured concrete
Approx. cost: $4,663



Shingles, roofing supplies
Approx. cost: $2,800


Bathroom Remodel

Flooring, vanity, shower, toilets
Approx. cost: $4,600


Kitchen Remodel

Flooring, sinks, countertops, cabinets
Approx. cost: $5,200


Interior General Repair

Basement window repair, interior clean & paint
Approx. cost: $450


HOW can I get involved?

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the ministry, the Project 614 Committee, and the owner/rental applicants who will fill these homes. Please continue to check back to this page or contact us for updates so that you can pray for each project as it moves forward!

As we gain more and more traction, we are in need of volunteers with skills in every area of construction - electrical, plumbing, legal and technical advice, concrete, flooring, even painting and cleaning! Want to come help out or know someone who might be willing to share their talent or resources? Come help us build a house - and rebuild a life!

Financial support is a huge need for renovation projects of this magnitude, of course. Although any gift given to the Refuge Ministries supports Project 614 indirectly, if you would like to give specifically to Project614 or even to a current project or owner/applicant in particular, simply give here and note your specifications in the “In Honor Of:” section!