Family Day!

One of the highlights of every month at The Refuge is Family Day.

The men and women who have been part of The Refuge for more than a month have the opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon with their parents, siblings, kids, and anyone else they choose to invite.

It's a special time to reconnect with loved ones and to start rebuilding the bonds of trust that addiction has broken. 

It's also a chance for those on the outside of the Ministry to see the personal and spiritual growth that has happened within the men and women during their time at The Refuge. 


Happy Father's Day!

We know that every holiday can be tough when you're separated from your kids. 

But we also know that sometimes a short-term sacrifice can pay off long-term.

These are the men in Phase One at church on Father's Day. 

They're not spending the day with their own dads, and the ones with kids of their own aren't spending the day with them, either. 

But each and every one of them is demonstrating their love for their dad and their kids by being here. 

Happy Father's Day to all the men in our Ministry who are working every day to be better sons and better dads to their kids, through the love of Jesus Christ.