Vinton County

Making The Most Of A Beautiful Weekend

It's not often that you can work comfortably outside in January in Ohio while wearing short sleeves.

The brothers of Phase One took advantage of the beautiful weather to have a great work day this weekend.

It's always amazing how much a motivated group of guys can do!

Cleanup On The Hilltop

Our Ministry is about more than recovery. It's also about serving others.

Some of the men spent one night this week cleaning up trash along West Broad Street in Columbus.

It's a simple, but meaningful way to show our love for our neighbors and our gratitude for all that God has provided.

Handing Out Courage Crosses

We love handing out Courage Crosses to the men who make it through their first week in our Ministry.

Last Monday, six men entered the first phase of our ministry. This week, all six were still there to get their cross. It is truly a blessing to see God working through these men!

The brothers of Phase One, January 21, 2018.

January Encounter

We celebrated our January Encounter on Saturday.

It's a special monthly event we hold that represents a chance to foster a real encounter with God and with your brothers from all phases of the ministry.

Men in the ministry as well as alumni meet, play games, enjoy lunch, and share stories, before holding a praise and worship service.

It's also an opportunity for The Refuge staff to come together, hold meetings, plan, and pray together.

Change is Always Coming

You’ll see us changing and rebuilding here at the Refuge in the next few months. We tell the men on Day 1 as they’re coming in: “The only thing you have to change is everything”, and that’s not just some phony mantra. It’s true. Change is necessary for growth, for excellence, to keep striving toward the potential God has given you. Staying the same will never get results for the kingdom, so even though it’s uncomfortable we must learn to accept change.

The staff and the ministry of the Refuge are held to even higher standards than the men, so you can expect to see change and growth in us as well. If we’re not growing forward, we’re moving backward, and by God’s grace we won’t let that happen. So you’ll see us, over the next few months, changing policies and procedures, updating our website and our communications mediums, getting training as a staff and continuing to grow personally and together. We want to be the very best we can be as a team not just to serve the men, but one hundred percent to the glory of God. He is the One we are here to serve.

We won’t do this perfectly, so we welcome your thoughts, questions, and inquiries. But more than that, we ask for your prayers. Pray that God gives us wisdom beyond our years and experience. Pray that He opens our eyes to the riches He has made available to us in Christ Jesus - and pray that we’d use them! Pray against the schemes of the evil one as he seeks to kill, steal, and destroy our men, our mission, and the bright light God has given us. Pray that God gets 100x more glory out of us in the next 18 years than He did in the first 18!

Author: Tom Thompson