A Beautiful Day At Phase One

"Morning radio" down at Phase One today.

It was a nice morning, so we went out in the woods by the cross.

Summer Celebration Service

On Sunday, August 12, we held a special Sunday morning service celebrating nine men who recently completed our 13-month ministry.

These are some of the highlights of the service.

Summer Celebration

Sunday, we held Celebration. It's a special Sunday morning service honoring men who recently completed The Refuge.

This time, it was nine men who finished our 13-month ministry. They shared their stories of addiction and then transformation and restoration through Christ.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available. Go to TheRefugeOhio.org to learn about our FREE (no cost, no insurance needed) ministry.

5K Canceled

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the 5K Run/Hike that was scheduled for later this month.

We're sorry to disappoint anyone who signed up for the event. A member of the The Refuge staff will be reaching out to you directly to follow up on your registration.

Time is running out!

Time is running out to sign up for The Refuge 5K Run-Hike at our beautiful Phase 2 home in Lancaster.

It's a great event, and all proceeds benefit The Refuge Men's and Women's Ministries.

Registration deadline is August 10, so sign up today at TheRefugeOhio.org/5k

Matt Ward Jason Burke

Phase Up!

Two brothers completed their first month at The Refuge this weekend and are phasing up today.

Matt Ward and Jason Burke both read their resolutions Sunday evening.

Monday, they will leave our farm in Vinton County and get ready to head to Lancaster for the next step in their journey.

Matt Ward Jason Burke Matt Ward Jason Burke

Phase Up!

One of the most rewarding parts of our Ministry is witnessing the growth in every man and woman during their time here.
This week, Tony Farabe completed his first month and moved on to Phase 2 of The Refuge.
His personal and spiritual growth has been an inspiration to the guys behind him, and we're excited to see him continue to grow in his relationship with Christ.

Courage Crosses

The first week at The Refuge can be the hardest for many guys. Three new brothers just completed their first week and received Courage Crosses.
Jason, Edwin, and Matt - we are proud of what you have already achieved, and are excited to see you continue to grow in Christ.

Teaching Your Kids About God

When God transforms lives affected by addiction, it changes the lives of entire families.
One of the sisters of our Women's Ministry recently wrote this beautiful letter to her children to teach them about God, prayer, and how they can change your life in good times and bad.
It was powerful and inspiring, and we're so glad she was willing to share it.

A Day Of Service

Our Ministry is about more than just getting clean and sober. We are here to serve God and also our fellow man. Recently, a bunch of the guys in Columbus spent a day of service cleaning up garden on the corner of Sullivant and Souder.
They pulled weeds and cleaned up trash to make our neighborhood a more beautiful place to live.