The Refuge Women's Ministry

Our 13-month Women's Residential Ministry opened earlier this year, and God has already blessed the sisters there with incredible growth and transformation.

Now, they're sharing their inspiring stories with the hope that they will encourage others who are still struggling with addiction.

Jordan Lacy Phillip Linehan Xavier Carroll Matt Kellough

Four Men Complete Their First Month

Four men completed their first month in our Minstry this week.

They all moved from Vinton County to Lancaster to continue their personal and spiritual growth in Phase 2.

We are so grateful to God for the transformation we have already witnessed in Jordan Lacy, Phillip Linehan, Xavier Carroll, and Matt Kellough.

Jordan Lacy Phillip Linehan Xavier Carroll Matt Kellough Jordan Lacy Phillip Linehan Xavier Carroll Matt Kellough


Celebrating Independence

It was a great night of brotherhood in Columbus last night for Red, White, and Boom.
A bunch of the guys headed downtown to enjoy the fireworks together.
We celebrate Independence Day every day, as our men and women enjoy life free from addiction, but fireworks are only for special occasions.

Bunk Beds

We Need Bunk Beds!

The Refuge is growing, and we need bunk beds for both our Men's and Women's Ministries!

Have some you can donate? You can email or call 614-991-0131 to let us know.

Thank you for your help to change lives affected by addiction.


Sunday was an incredible day for our Women's Ministry.

The first 3 women who joined us earlier this year were all baptized!

It has been so powerful to watch God working through Areil, Jenna, and Ashley. 

We have seen incredible transformation in all of them, as well as the other sisters, but witnessing their baptisms was truly remarkable. God is so great!

Experience True Independence This Independence Day

This Independence Day, you could be on the way to being free from addiction.

Monday we will welcome 8 men and 1 woman into our FREE (no cost, no insurance necessary) 13-month residential rehab.

This is your chance to experience true freedom from addiction.

Learn more about our women's Ministry, including who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect at

Learn more about our men's Ministry, including who qualifies, what to bring, and what to expect at

An Amazing Day Of Brotherhood

The guys from Phase 2 came back to visit Vinton County this weekend for an awesome day of brotherhood. 

They went swimming in Raccoon Creek, played games, shared their stories and encouragement for the brothers behind them in the Ministry.

Alumni Reunion 2018

We celebrated our Alumni Reunion this weekend. It's an incredible day for guys who have completed our Ministry to reunite for a day of fun and great food.
It was awesome to see so many friends again, and bear witness to all of the blessings in their lives.

Set Up For Success

Addiction takes a brutal toll on people and families in every way imaginable. Broken relationships, trust issues, and financial ruin are extremely common.

By the time men and women complete our Ministry, they have undergone personal and spiritual transformations away from addiction and to Christ.
We work to restore their personal relationship and rebuild those bonds of trust. 
But we also work to make sure they're set up for success financially as well.
Everyone in The Refuge meets with volunteers and staff throughout their time here to ensure they have all the documents they need and a budget to live on.
We try to help men and women with debt set up a plan to get themselves free from it.
Perhaps most importantly from a financial perspective, they also have a work history that prepares them to support themselves and their families long-term.

Family Day!

One of the highlights of every month at The Refuge is Family Day.

The men and women who have been part of The Refuge for more than a month have the opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon with their parents, siblings, kids, and anyone else they choose to invite.

It's a special time to reconnect with loved ones and to start rebuilding the bonds of trust that addiction has broken. 

It's also a chance for those on the outside of the Ministry to see the personal and spiritual growth that has happened within the men and women during their time at The Refuge.