Let’s start with the obvious: why should you care about addiction?

“If you don’t deal with this issue now, quite frankly you’re going to struggle to find employees. Addiction is wrecking marriages, potential applicants can’t stay sober enough to get a job - much less keep it, theft on the job site continues to escalate, employees have a lack of work ethic, and the list goes on. It’s tough to hire people you can trust. Addiction isn’t stopping, and it will flow over into your business if you don’t address this issue.”

- Tom Thompson, Refuge Founder & Executive Director

Are you a business owner, manager, or employee looking to connect your company to the cause?

We’re with you! As a ministry, we’ve made the effort to stay involved in the marketplace, and we have not had a man finish the ministry without a full-time job offer in more than 5 years. Let’s see what else we can do together.

What can we do?

  1. Train men for work now.

    Called our “Tier 1 Employers”, this select group of companies employs our men while they are still in Phases 2-4 of the Refuge through a work training/temp service model. The men’s wages help pay their way through the ministry, and the work helps ingrain in them a work ethic, while building personal rapport and a resume at the same time.  Must be in or near Central Ohio to be considered.

  2. Put men to work upon completion.

    These employers are what we call Tier 2 (unskilled labor) or Tier 3 (technical/professional track), and the simple requirements are a knowledge of/relationship with the Refuge, and a willingness to consider Refuge graduates for job opportunities upon completion. We will connect with you about potential applicants as they arise.

  3. Give financially to help men stay at the Refuge.

    Consider giving monthly to help support the work of the Refuge and addiction ministries around the state. Thank you for choosing to invest in your community - and honestly, your future!

  4. Donate in kind/materials - for Project 614, the Refuge, or even other addiction ministries.

    Help our ongoing renovation efforts at Project 614 by donating in kind, or take the pressure off the never-ending upkeep costs as residential ministries by offering deals. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with ministries in your area to make this happen!

  5. Connect to other local ministries nearer to you.

    We are quick to recognize that the Refuge is not the solution to the addiction epidemic, and neither is any other single non-profit or corporation. We can each, however, make a difference in our own communities, and we want to help you start there. Contact us and we’ll try to connect you with ways you can fight the addiction epidemic right where you live and work.

Current Business Partners:

Tier 1:

 Thompson  Yenkin-Majestic

FranklinInternational  CleanTurnEnterprises