Phase Up!

Earlier today, we celebrated 10 brothers who completed our Ministry.
Tonight, we rejoice for two who are taking their next steps. William Northrop and Ryan Lanham have completed their first month and are phasing up to 2nd Phase.
We are grateful to God for the growth and transformation we have seen in both of them, and pray for them to continue walking with Jesus.

Phase Up!

We are so grateful for the tremendous growth shown by Dwight Smiths. He served as a house leader at our Phase 1 home.
This week he moved up to Phase 2. We look forward to seeing his continued growth as a person and a leader within our Ministry.

Celebrating Easter at Calvary Memorial Church

The men of our Ministry celebrated Resurrection Sunday together at Calvary Memorial Church.

Every Sunday morning is a cause for celebration for our guys, but Easter is one of the most special days of the year.


Phase Up!

We are so proud of the five brothers who have shown tremendous growth since joining our Ministry.

All five of them moved up to the next phase of The Refuge today.

From Left to Right: Nathan Ritchie (1 to 2), Jeff Powers (1 to 2), Wilson Rivera (2 to 3), Bob Heiny (2 to 3), and Jason Brodnick (1 to 2).

Congratulations to these men and their families - you all have a lot to be be joyful for!

Moving Up In The Ministry

The five men who phased up this week, graduating from one phase of our Ministry to another.
Samuel Jones moved up to 4. Timothy Ebright moved from 2 to 3. Jacob Colyer, Justin Shaffer, and Derek Zwinner all went from 1 to 2.
At Phase 1 they hold a special ceremony where the brothers who are "graduating" from there read resolutions and then all the guys pray for them.

Praise and Worship At Phase One

We have much to be grateful for at Phase One this week.

We had a day of praise and worship on Friday with all of the newest guys in our Ministry.

It's such a joy to see the growth and development from each and every one of them.

Welcoming New Brothers To The Ministry

Mondays are always special ones for the brothers of Phase One. That's the day they get to meet the new men who are just joining our Ministry.

We know this can be a tough transition for some of the new guys - they're in a place they've never been before, with people they barely know, and trying to make a dramatic change in their lives.

The good news is that everyone else there has been in the exact same spot, and knows exactly what they're going through.

We welcome them with open arms into our Brotherhood and are so excited for the opportunity to be a part of transforming their lives through Christ!


A New Community Of Believers

A new community of believers is growing this week at Phase One.

It's always powerful to watch the brothers change and grow as people during their first weeks in our Ministry, transforming from broken people to men of God.

Monday Morning at Phase One

Most people don't like Mondays, but they are a very special time for the newest men in our Ministry.

The guys at Phase One have all arrived on a Monday, so it's an anniversary of sorts for them.

It's also a chance to renew their faith at the start of a new week. We call it Putting on the Armor of God.

We are so proud of what these guys have already accomplished in their time with us, and can't wait to see what's ahead for all of them!


Team-Building At Phase One

This is a look at one of the fun team-building exercises the guys at Phase One did this weekend.

It's kind of a version of Musical Chairs. The guys have to work together to keep one person from being able to sit in an open seat.

It's a lot of fun, and helps build camaraderie between the guys who are newest to our Ministry.