David Mayle Corey Cipriano Keith Barrett Gerald Brown Lucas Fairchild Seth Johnson Lane Lynch

Phase Up!

Our weekly Phase Up is a time for both reflection and celebration.

Men transitioning from one Phase of our ministry to another share their experiences with the men behind them, and then in turn have the chance to speak with the men ahead of them about what to expect when they arrive at their new home.

Congratulations to these seven men who phased up from Phase One to Phase Two this week: David Mayle, Corey Cipriano, Keith Barrett, Gerald Brown, Lucas Fairchild, Seth Johnson, and Lane Lynch.

A Day Of Service

In our ministry, work is worship.

The men of Phase One completed a day of service today at Living Water Worship Center.

Even more exciting, seven of them are about to phase up next week.

Check out the video below with some highlights from the day.

Inside Phase One

We get more requests for photos from inside Phase One than any other portion of our Ministry.

Why? The first 30 days can be tough for the men, but it's also difficult for their parents, siblings, spouses, and everyone else back at home who aren't talking to their guy.

If you don't see your guy in these pictures, don't worry. We don't always get every person into a photo.

Here's a look at what's happening down in Vinton County today.

These are some of the new brothers entering Phase One this week.

It's always so inspiring to see the men who were already here helping those who are just entering the ministry.


Dinner Time In Vinton County

This is a glimpse inside a typical day at our Phase One home down in Vinton County.

The men sit down to eat dinner together as a family.

Both the food and the fellowship are true blessings.

Handing Out Courage Crosses

We love handing out Courage Crosses to the men who make it through their first week in our Ministry.

Last Monday, six men entered the first phase of our ministry. This week, all six were still there to get their cross. It is truly a blessing to see God working through these men!

The brothers of Phase One, January 21, 2018.