A Day Of Service

Our Ministry is about more than just getting clean and sober. We are here to serve God and also our fellow man. Recently, a bunch of the guys in Columbus spent a day of service cleaning up garden on the corner of Sullivant and Souder.
They pulled weeds and cleaned up trash to make our neighborhood a more beautiful place to live.

Bunk Beds

We Need Bunk Beds!

The Refuge is growing, and we need bunk beds for both our Men's and Women's Ministries!

Have some you can donate? You can email info@therefugeohio.org or call 614-991-0131 to let us know.

Thank you for your help to change lives affected by addiction.

Set Up For Success

Addiction takes a brutal toll on people and families in every way imaginable. Broken relationships, trust issues, and financial ruin are extremely common.

By the time men and women complete our Ministry, they have undergone personal and spiritual transformations away from addiction and to Christ.
We work to restore their personal relationship and rebuild those bonds of trust. 
But we also work to make sure they're set up for success financially as well.
Everyone in The Refuge meets with volunteers and staff throughout their time here to ensure they have all the documents they need and a budget to live on.
We try to help men and women with debt set up a plan to get themselves free from it.
Perhaps most importantly from a financial perspective, they also have a work history that prepares them to support themselves and their families long-term.

Family Day!

One of the highlights of every month at The Refuge is Family Day.

The men and women who have been part of The Refuge for more than a month have the opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon with their parents, siblings, kids, and anyone else they choose to invite.

It's a special time to reconnect with loved ones and to start rebuilding the bonds of trust that addiction has broken. 

It's also a chance for those on the outside of the Ministry to see the personal and spiritual growth that has happened within the men and women during their time at The Refuge. 


Matt, Josh, Devon, James, and Wayne.

A Milestone In The Ministry

Every week we celebrate the growth and progress that men and women are making in our Ministry through "Phase Up."
It's a milestone that marks a brother or sister's transition from one step within our 13-month Ministry to the next one.
This week, five guys phased up. We are truly grateful to God for the transformation we've seen within Matt, Josh, Devon, James, and Wayne.
Matt, Josh, Devon, James, and Wayne.

Thompson Concrete

The Launch Process

Our Ministry is a working Ministry. That means the men and women at The Refuge spend several months of their time with us working a full-time job. 

This helps them in several ways. First, the money earned is poured back in the men and women behind them.

Second, it helps establish a "new normal" where you get up in the morning and go to work, that they can carry with them after they leave.

Third, it establishes a work history that makes them an attractive employee for companies to hire after they complete The Refuge.

And that's just one of the ways we ensure everyone who completes The Refuge leaves with more than just a pat on the back.

Our staff and volunteers work with them to establish a budget, get a driver's license and Social Security card, and help them plan out what their life will be like after they leave. 

Our goal is to send out men and women who are ready to be hard-working and productive role models, personally and spiritually.

Christopher and Eric recently completed The Refuge. You can hear their "Launch" stories below.




Steven Nichols Mike Colebank Lane Lynch Michael Dozer Bryan Allen

Five Men Passing A Milestone In Our Ministry

Our Ministry is all about growth and transformation, and "Phase Ups" are some of the milestones we use to mark that journey.
These five men all moved up to the next Phase of our Ministry this week.
Steven Nichols is now in Phase 4, Mike Colebank and Lane Lynch are now in Phase 3, and Michael Dozer and Bryan Allen are now in Phase 2.
We are grateful to see the changes in all of these men's lives!
Steven Nichols Mike Colebank Lane Lynch Michael Dozer Bryan Allen

Planting Trees On The Hilltop

Some of the guys from Phases 3 and 4 had a day of service today in Columbus.

They helped plant trees in Hauntz Park on the Hilltop.

Our Ministry is all about helping to serve our fellow man. This kind of work is a perfect example of what we believe in.

Serving Our Community

Serving our community and our fellow man is a key element of our Ministry.

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, some of the guys in Columbus performed work at Yale Community Gardens, helping get things ready for the summer.

Clean Out Your House And Help The Refuge At The Same Time!

Our Ministry is growing to include new Project 614 homes and to help more men and women.

We're looking for donations of the following new or gently-used (but working!) items.

  • 8 window A/C units
  • 5 bed frames (that can bunk)
  • 6 twin mattresses
  • 2 Microwaves
  • Washing Machine
  • Electric Clothes Dryer

Have something you can donate? Contact Columbus Director Austin Hill at ahill@therefugeohio.org.