From Isolation to Community:  

The most prevalent health issue in the country is not cancer or heart disease or obesity. It is isolation, social disconnection.” - US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

We have much work to do. Statements like the ones above, continually swirling around the drug issue as it sweeps the nation - actually give us hope. Why? Because not only has Christ called the church to be a place of deep community, where isolation is confronted, wounds are healed and fears calmed - but now your community calls for the same thing!

Our Responsibility:

This is what we’re commanded to as a church: to work for the broken, the fatherless, the poor, the downcast. This is exactly what Jesus did and would be doing if He were here today. Just read Luke 4:18, Jesus’ call to ministry, and look for the broken and hurting that you know - your family, your neighbors, the people a few houses down or a few rows over in church. You’ll see that in the midst of addiction is exactly where Christ would have been. We must be the ones to follow in His steps, making disciples, bringing unconditional love, acceptance, and the gospel to a hurting culture.

“That’s how it all started. We said - let’s find out. Does this Bible work? Does this God, if I put my faith in Him, truly transform people?” - Tom Thompson, Founder & Executive Director

Join us to share hope for frantic mothers, resources and opportunities for community connection, and freedom for men and women caught in the struggle of addiction in your community. Rise up, church, and let’s join God where He is working!


Champions Groups:


Use small group discipleship to care for those needing support in or around addictions. Let us help you find a “champion” in your congregation, train him/her to care for addicts and their loved ones well, and walk with them to offer support, all at no cost.

Fill out the form above and indicate your interest to receive access to your first training module specifically for Champions on our Online University: 101 - Quick Start Guide to the Champions Network. Other benefits of the network include: invitation to shadow one of our existing champions for training; ongoing access to new virtual training courses on the Online University; access to a monthly champions webinar to share best practices and grow together. 


In or around central Ohio? Offer hope - in person!

The men of the Refuge and our founder, Tom Thompson, have been sharing their stories for years - total transformation and impossible new life made possible through Christ and their commitment to a discipleship process. As you are building momentum in your congregation and community, we are here to serve you by asking our alumni, men, staff and families to share.

Interview with Crossroads Church:

Question: How are you partnering with the Refuge? What are the results you’ve seen in your church?