Ministries: Strength in Numbers

Ministries: Strength in Numbers

This drug epidemic is going to take more than one entity. It really a national issue, and we all need each other to fight it. We all bring different missions, gifts, perspectives and purposes to the table that can make us much more effective working together.

Join us in the fight against addiction and toward Christ!

Take it a step further - partner with the Refuge Network!


  1. Connect

    Fill out the appropriate form above to let us know who you are and apply to be listed on our Refuge Network map and database. Thank you for helping us direct people to your facility or organization - we look forward to working with you to see more people come to Christ because of this epidemic!

  2. Learn

    Interested in knowing more about the Refuge residential ministry or the Refuge Network before you jump in? Click here to let us know when you’d like to attend Orientation (any Monday at 10am in Columbus, OH) or have a phone call to ask questions and share information!

  3. Grow

    Join us on the journey as we grow together. This opportunity is specifically focused toward faith-based residential ministries or start-ups who would like to be part of a growing cohort to share thoughts on best practices, bring encouragement and develop a vision for where God will take their ministry. We also offer an “online university” packed with information on how we do residential ministry and discipleship at the Refuge - all at no cost!

None of us has all the answers, but together we’ll have a lot more of the right ones - and hopefully a lot less of the bumps and bruises. We look forward to growing with you!