The Refuge 2020

20 people making a recurring gift of just $20 each month, is enough to support one man or woman all the way through our 13-month ministry.

How Is That Possible?

A Hand Up, Not A Handout

Men and women who go through The Refuge spend nearly a year working with a partner employer. This allows them to establish a work history and sets them up for success after completion. 

The money they earn is poured back into the ministry to help pay for the majority of the physical needs of a man or woman behind them.

How Your Monthly Gift Changes Lives

On average, the gap to fully fund a man or woman is a little more than $5,000. 

That means that 20 people giving $20 each month for the 13 months that man or woman is in The Refuge is enough to cover the rest of their expenses.

How Can I Help?

I Want To Give A Different Amount

Your monthly recurring gift can be for any amount. 

You can give $50 each month, or $10, or $5 or any other amount. Every dollar helps support a man or woman overcoming addiction through Christ at The Refuge.

I Want To Get My Friends, Family, and Church Involved

You can run your own 2020 fundraiser to honor someone who has gone through The Refuge, in memory of a loved one who has passed, or just to celebrate the impact of your community. 

Email Development Manager Tom Orr at torr@therefugeohio.org to get started.