We rely on the love and support of everyone who has had their lives touched by our Ministry to help us spread the word about what we do.

We try to be good stewards of all that God has provided for us, which means keeping the vast majority of the money we have focused on the men and women in our Ministry. That also means we have a limited marketing budget.

Every time you tell someone about The Refuge and what we do, you are helping us keep it that way. Every time you share our content on Social Media, you’re helping as well.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to continue doing that.

We’ve added buttons to the bottom of most pages on our website to allow you to share a post from our blog or news about our upcoming events with one click (see image on right for an example). You can find those links at the bottom of this page as well.

Sharing information could help someone in desperate need find their way to our Ministry, and change their life forever.

We are so truly grateful to be blessed with so many people who support us in this way.

Share Our Literature

We have a variety of flyers, pamphlets and booklets available to provide more information about our Ministry. You can pick some up at any event The Refuge holds, or you can download them straight from our website and either share them electronically or print them and hand out hard copies.

Here are a few documents you may find useful. We will continue to add new materials to this page in the coming weeks.

Help People Find The Refuge – Print this out, cut between the tear-off tabs and hang it on community bulletin boards in your neighborhood.

The Refuge Men’s Ministry – Basic Information

The Refuge Women’s Ministry – Basic Information

Basic Stats and Info About The Refuge and our Fundraising Gala

Men’s Orientation Information Card

Women’s Orientation Information Card

How To Get Involved

The Refuge and Fundraiser InfoHow To Get Your Church Involved

The 7 Core Values of The Refuge

How You Or Your Business Can Partner With The Refuge

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Share Our Monthly Email

Sign up for our Monthly Email Update (look for “Stay Up To Date” on the right hand side of this page, below the events calendar) and then forward that email to anyone who you think may be interested in our Ministry.