Volunteer Application

To volunteer with The Refuge, please fill out the Volunteer Application below.

The next step is to attend one of Volunteer Orientations. We hold them three times each year, usually in January, April, and August.

You can find the date of our next Volunteer Orientation on the Events page of our website.

Thank you for your interest in helping to change lives affected by addiction!

Personal Information:

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SpeakerProject-basedPhase mealsEvent MealsCoachMentorFamily SupportP614 "experts"P614 workersTable CaptainsEvent HelpersCommunity AdvocatesStorytellersAdministrative HelpPrayer

*If referrals are required for volunteer position (see position description), please email or give referrals to Volunteer Coordinator before beginning volunteer opportunity.

Liability Form:
Volunteers with privileges may be eligible for email, phone, volunteer ID, and computer systems access. These services are authorized by the volunteer coordinator and may be obtained by the department utilizing the volunteer. All paperwork should be submitted at least one to two weeks before volunteer starts. Volunteers are expected to be covered by their own insurance. The volunteer is expected to follow HIPAA, and/or any other confidentiality requirements applicable. Appointment maximum is 6 months; the volunteer may reapply bi-annually (a second interview may be required). Any changes in location, responsibilities, etc., during the volunteer appointment period should be reported to volunteer coordinator.


Volunteer Agreement Form:
Please review the Volunteer Agreement Contract as you will be required to certify below that you have viewed this document. Volunteers are expected to respect the privacy of their colleagues and the confidentiality of The Refuge, Inc. All new volunteers are subject to a potential background check. Some positions require a reference from your pastor and one other (non-family) person.


On behalf of the staff, and men of the Refuge, thank you for your contributions as a volunteer to the ministry. Volunteers like you are essential to both the quality of the ministry and to the breadth of experiences available to our men. We are thankful for your commitment of time and effort.

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